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15 Product Photography Props For 2023

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Product Photography Props

Who doesn’t know the importance of product photography? Almost 93% of online customers depend on product photos to make buying decisions. Therefore, the product photography is part and parcel of brand promotion and product selling. On the other hand, props are a significant part of product photography to stand out from the crowd. 

Props help you set the scene with texture to tell the product’s story that aids in getting customers’ attention. Therefore, the product photographer should utilize various types of props for product photography. 

In my previous blog, I shared Summer Photoshoot Ideas. Today, I will share the 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022 that you can implement to get the best product photography for customers’ attention. 

Let’s go through the blog to learn about practical props for product photography and how they can help build your product photo.

Product Photography Props

Before looking for various product photography props, you should know what they are. Have you heard, “What is trash to one is a treasure to another.” For that, household items that seem like a rubbish dump to you can be magical props for your product photography. 

Props are like a charm to make an image attractive. It can be a flower, light, books, balloons, etc. Remember, props are not the main subject. They are just helping create a scene for the product representing a captivating story to generate customers’ interest. Therefore, it’s noteworthy to predefine what you want to illustrate in your product photography and take props accordingly without losing the product focus.

Significance of Using Product Photography Props?

Props are anything used to support the photo’s main subject, adding meaning to the scene. Therefore, product photography needs to add props in their product photo for multiple benefits as below: 


    • Props add texture, drama, or more to the photo’s main subject.

    • Props improve the product view or the main subject of the photo. 

    • The dramatic scene draws customers’ attention and creates interest in viewing the product. 

    • It enormously provides the product’s background explanation. 

    • Props combine energy, emotion, and life to the product in the photo. 

    • A proper selection of props can add an authentic look to your products. 

    • Props resemble a story of the product describing the brand value. 

    • Props increase the visual weight of the product in generating customer interest. 

    • Props are like a display cabinet of the product’s theme and vision.

    • Props help in making creative and unique product photos.  

What to Consider for Selecting Props

Props can make or break your photo. They can help you tell your product’s story and your trademark. But, on the other side of the coin, props can also make your product’s photos look maleficent if you can’t pick proper props. 

For example, to successfully construct your summer beach photoshoot ideas, you must use summer and beach props like Ice Cream, Beach Ball, Umbrella, Coconut, Lemonade, Sunglasses, and Watermelon. Similarly, to select appropriate props for making your product photo perfect, consider a few things as below: 


    • The Location: You should consider the location or the studio environment before selecting props for product photography. For example, if your product is coffee, you can set the environment indoors, keeping furniture, books, trees, etc., as props.


    • The Genre of the Product: You must consider the Genre of the product. Remember, selecting an improper prop can destroy the product’s presentation or scenery. 


    • The Type of Photography: Before you select any props, you should decide on the photography type. For example, you should consider whether you will capture the product individually or in a group, whether the product photography includes clean-cut or detailed shots etc. 


    • Size of Props: The props should be smaller than the main product. Otherwise, the props will distract the customer’s view minimizing the appearance of the main subject or product. It might confuse the consumer about the product too. 


    • Color of Props: Mismatched colorful objects can distract the product appeal. Therefore, you should focus on the product and theme for matching prop color. 


    • Artful but Simple: Keep the product photography presentation simple. Therefore, try to avoid adding excessive or unnecessary props to the scenery. Remember, sometimes less is more. 


    •  Creative Props: To make your photography more creative, you can include crafted props. Create your props to ensure uniqueness and freshness.


    • Eye Soothing Props: Make sure the photo you capture soothes customers’ eyes and make them curious to check out the details of the product. To guarantee this, you should choose eye-soothing props to make the photo attractive. 


    • Expert’s Advice: There is a saying- “Practice makes perfect.” So, if you feel confused or don’t understand what props you should take, go to the experts for their advice. Learn from them and implement them in your photography. You also can take inspiration from renowned product photographers. 

After considering the issues mentioned earlier, you should also ask yourself the following: 


    1. What can be the prop for the product?

    1. How is the prop related to the product?

    1. How is the prop connected to the brand?

    1. Will it make the product photo attractive or unattractive? 

    1. What is the story I want to illustrate?

15 Best Product Photography Props For 2023

Using props in product photography is essential to describe the product presentation’s theme or enhance the product look. However, the use of typical props depends on the product and brand. So here I am sharing the 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022. 


  1. Naturalistic Props: Natural items are unbeatable and innovative props for any photography. So, you can pick natural props for your product photography. Sunlight, raindrops, snowfall, flowers, trees, sea beach, etc., are good examples of natural props that you can use for creating your product photography masterpiece. Of course, you can use artificial plants or leaves if you can’t manage natural plants. But, in that case, you must be careful about the light. Using leaves, stems, and flowers in your photos can add a greenery view, and it is a great way to create beautiful portraits. In addition, it adds a feeling of life and energy to the photo.

    You can use greenery leaves as a prop for product photography by creating a shadow of the leaf beside the product. To create such scenery, you must hold the leaves close to the light source. 


    1. Magic of Light As Prop: Can you think of product photography without light? Definitely no! Light has the power to make the visualization clear where the colorful lights, lamps, bulbs, or candles can add a dramatic effect to the product photo. For example, add a fairy bulb in the background or wrap the product with a micro fairy light to help you avoid a stout view. You also can keep the candlelight burned or unburned to create an aesthetic view. Finally, for Christmas-smelling products, you can use handy sparkle lights as a prop to add a cozier and magical view. 


    1. Mirror As Props: The mirror is a deceptive but highly impactful prop if you can use it correctly. You can add great chasm and proportions to your image by employing a mirror. For example, using the mirror as a prop, you can creatively illustrate numerous angles or create excellent layering within a single image. You can apply this technique when attempting to display an outfit from multiple slopes in one shot. You can also use mirror props for beauty, cosmetics, skincare, jewelry, etc. For example, placing the product on a mirror surface can create dramatic scenery that will grab the customer’s attention. Alternatively, you can use the mirror as a background to add a simplistic but fantastic view. 


  1. Stones and Shells: Using pebbles and stone is trendy nowadays on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest because they make the product look fascinating by adding consistency. Stone and shells resemble the sea beach; therefore, you can add this stone and shell as a prop for beach products or natural product photography. You can use them as props for products like perfume, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, luxury watches, etc.

    You can use stones or shells as the surface, keeping the product on top of them. Alternatively, you can use stones and shells as background for the photography. You also can collect stones and shells from the sea beach or purchase them from the garden and hardware shops or online shops. 


  1. Crystal-Ball: Using crystal-ball as Product Photography Props For 2022 is undoubtedly uncommon. It can create multiple viewpoints within a single photo. Using a Crystal-ball, you can create a flip view of the main subject keeping the background and the foreground similar but contrasting. You can see another part visible through the clear glass ball. Such props help you generate abstract and artistic scenery to present your product.
  2. Museum Pieces: Antiques or museum pieces come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties which you can utilize for different types of product photography. Vintage cars, old trucks, phones, cameras, or typewriters are examples of museum pieces that you can apply as background props for your product photography. You also can use a rustic barn or old building as an antique with your main subject. Such antiques can give a classical and sophisticated touch to your product photography.


    1. Blankets or Fur: Blanket is one of the fantastic 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022 that you can use in countless ways. Creating various moods and tones using these props can make the photography more creative. For example, you can use a blanket prop as background for the subject. Another props alternative for the blanket is the fur you can use to create a dreamy aesthetic view. You have to overlay the products on the fur and capture the photo. Ensure you have cleaned the fur properly before using it as a prop for your product photography. 


    1. Chopping Blocks: Chopping boards can be an excellent prop for your product photography. You can pick any chopping block like wooden marble though they are costly in price and heavy in weight. The rustic wood effect chopping board can create an aesthetic view of your products. 


  1. Utensils: Utensil is the prop that articulates for itself. Wooden bowls of various shapes and sizes will be an excellent prop for your product photography. You can use a wooden tray to display your product perfectly. Products on a mirror bottom tray will make the photo more exciting and photogenic if you set a candle on the tray. You can photograph jewelry, skincare, or beauty products using tray props with few artificial or natural leaves and flowers.

    An acrylic tray can create a bold scene of your product to help you stand out from the crowd. It has been popular among product photographers to display products amazingly. To display the product in an acrylic tray, you must add water after placing the product inside the tray. The reflection of the different angels in the water will create a fantastic scene. 


    1. Pink Himalayan Salt as Prop: Himalayan pink salt is a budget-friendly prop for your product photography. Are you wondering how Himalayan salt can be a prop for your product photography? It is one of the best 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022. If you are going to photograph beauty product things, spreading a few pink Himalayan salts around the product will be a fabulous prop to give a spa vibe because it appears like bath salt. You can also use the salt as a background and keep the product on top. It is a captivating prop for food photography too. It is a natural but beautiful prop for your photos that will grab customers’ interest quickly. 


  1. Acrylic Props: Acrylic blocks are a superb prop option for product photography that is transparent in color. It is available in various shapes and sizes, and you can use them to create any simple or complex scenery according to your product. In addition, it is inexpensive and readily available. While using the transparent acrylic prop, ensure they are clean and have no fingerprints or streaks.

    You can also find acrylic ice cubes in the home decor items shop that will help create a vibe of ice cubes for beverage product photography. However, using actual ice cubes is difficult since they are about to melt quickly. So, you can replace the actual ice cube with the acrylic one while photographing for a long time. 


    1. Ribbon Braces: A ribbon can transfer a simple object into a marvelous one by adding emotion to the picture. It also adds a delightful touch to the product photography reminding us about the present and sound times. That’s why it seems charming to me as a prop for product photography. For example, you can use the ribbon to make a bow and set along with baby girl product photography. Also, you can use the ribbon for celebratory product photography since it gives the vibe of celebration decoration. 


    1. Flora: Though natural flowers fade and perish shortly, they make the eco or organic brand’s product photography aesthetic and naturally beautiful. To reuse multiple times, you can use artificial flowers and leaves for product photography. But you should use natural flowers and herbs for flower photoshoot ideas or perfume product photography. You can also try dried flowers as a prop for product photography that you can take online. You can furthermore make dried flowers once you are done using natural flowers. They are good to consider for their longevity. Lay the dried flowers beside the fashion, perfume, craft, or stationery product and capture it. Adding dried flowers can create a dreamy look and a romantic scene to your picture.


    1. Geometric Foam Props: Geometric foam props are a good selection as one of the 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022. You can find it in different colors like green, blue, pink, and purple and in different sizes, short or tall squares, and small or large circles. Arched or one straight stair riser foam prop can help you create a unique look for your product photography.   


    1. Synthetics Prop: Fabric or synthetic things are the most affordable and universal things you can use in photography as a prop. You can add aesthetic texture and interest to your product photo by combining fabric props in the presentation. For example, you can take any fabrics like linen, synthetics, or faux sheepskin and drape them over products like fragrances, creams, luxury watches, and luxury goods like jewelry. Alternatively, you can apply the fabric as background or foreground and place the product to capture. Such photography creates a perceived product value in the customer’s eye.    

So far, I have discussed the 15 Best Product Photography Props For 2022. I also have differed on what to consider before selecting something as a prop for your product photography. However, reading the blog, I believe you have found props as fun and beautiful sources to get customers’ attention. So, try the props and examine your photography according to your brand and product.  

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