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Travellers Photography Tips, Ideas, Places and importance

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Travellers Photography


As a hodophile, I always prefer Travellers Photography because it reveals the world differently. Moreover, there is a relationship between photography and travellers. It reflects one’s world vision and acts like a time machine that freezes traveling moments to recall for years. 

Do you love traveling? Do you want to create your signature style of Travellers Photography? This blog will share my knowledge and insights about Travellers Photography to help you take sounder travel photos.

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” — Moslih Eddin Saadi.

Topline Summary: In this blog, I will cover all the possible details regarding Travellers Photography that will help you know about this photography with a bunch of tips and ideas. Let’s begin to learn, and here are the topics for you:

What is Travellers Photography?

Generally, the Traveller is a person who travels to different geographic locations for any goal or time. Travellers photograph while traveling, and the act is called Travellers Photography.

It combines different genres of photography like landscape, street, portrait, architecture, etc., that aims to reveal the experience of visiting a location. This photography is common in different media like billboards, advertisements, tourism booklets, magazines, etc. 

What is Travellers Photography​

However, there is a difference between travellers and tourists though many count them as the same. Tourists travel in groups to enjoy new places for fun and relaxation, whereas travellers travel solo or with one person considering it a lifestyle. 

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, and travelers don’t know where they’re going.” — Paul Theroux.

Some think of Travellers Photography as street photography, but the actual scenery is different. Travel photography is about landscapes, people, architecture, nature, wildlife, history, and all aspects of travel, whereas street photography is part of it.

Tips for Travellers Photography

You can easily find touristy photos by quickly searching on Google, but travellers photos are uncommon. Though you don’t need a degree to do traveller photography, you need more techniques to capture admirable images. Here are some helpful travellers photography tips for your next Travellers Photography:

#01. Research Location: Before travelling, research your destination by reading travel magazines, books, and brochures. You also can search blogs or articles about the location on the internet or travel agency. Additionally, talk to friends who have been there.

Travel planning concept on map

#02. Continue Learning: Learning photography is a never-ending process you can master with practice. Enroll in photography classes or Travellers Photography workshops to learn about Travellers Photography. Moreover, learn about the customs and traditions of a particular location for successful Travellers Photography. 

“A traveler seeks engagement with the local people and culture, while a sightseer just checks off sights in the guidebook.” ― Jim Richardson.

#03. Keep Patience: Travellers Photographers pay attention to everything with eyes, heart, and mind. He invests time with patience, dedication, and concentration. For example, he might have to wait for a photogenic subject, and during photographing, he has to capture multiple photos with patience to capture the best one. Patience improves travel photography in the long run.

#04. Bear Proper Gear: As a hobbyist, you only need a camera, a memory card, and enthusiasm! Additionally, a tripod will allow you to control the camera’s manual settings. When you practice as a professional, you can invest in more things like filters, tripods, flashes, prime lenses, zoom lenses, etc. Always bring a camera bag and keep your eyes open to capture candid moments. Don’t forget to protect your gear from the Mother Nature elements. 

#05. Keep Backup Storage: Travelling reveals new experiences for lifetime memories. You should have reliable physical and online backups to protect your photos from any incident. You can use an extra drive for physical backup and multiple cloud-based solutions for online backup.

Keep Backup Storage

#06. Arrive Early, Leave Late: The phrase “Early bird gets the worm” connects to Travellers Photography because there is less crowd to capture amazing photos with soft light in the early morning. Leave the spot late to implement the golden hour of sunset. In a nutshell, be an early bird with the attribute of leaving late.

#07. Alleviate with Locals: In a foreign country, asking local people to pose is challenging because of ease, customs, and language barriers. Practice in the local language how to ask permission to take their picture. Some might say yes, and some no. Some might happily pose for you, whereas some might ask for money. You can ease them by spending a little time with good vibes- talking to them, asking for directions, making compliments, and buying something. You must thank them for their time.

Alleviate with Locals

#08. Play with Composition: Capture amazing Travellers photographs playing with composition using the Rule of Thirds in Photography. Turning on the “Grid” feature allows you to display the rule of thirds over the screen. You can capture the composition on the leading lines or from different angles. If you think the composition looks better breaking the rules of thirds, go with your choice.

#09. Frame Your Subject: Frame your subject correctly and ensure you are not cutting off any essential element. Explore any natural piece to use as a frame for your picture. You can use any cave entrance, windows, trees, etc.

Frame Your Subject

#10. Apply Manual Mode:  To capture incredible travellers Photos, play with Camera Settings. You should come out of ‘Auto Mode’ and implement ‘Manual Mode.’ Remember, there is no ‘perfect setting’ for ISO, aperture, and shutter speed because everything depends on your photography style. 

For example, if you want to blur the background, you must use a wide and a low aperture to focus everything. You have to control the ISO and shutter speed to capture motion creatively. To capture a flying bird, you must appoint the shutter speed faster and ISO higher. In contrast, set them to lower to capture a waterfall’s smooth look.

#11. Capture in RAW: Almost every camera holds standard formats of RAW and JPEG for pictures. JPEG compresses image data to save space, whereas RAW protects image data without compressing. If you plan to design your photos later, you should capture them in RAW though they will be larger than JPEG.

#12. Apply Black & White: Black and white looks aesthetic for any photography. So, play with monochrome for your Travellers Photography by switching the menu button from chromatic. You can also check out my blog on How To Make An Image Black and White to generate a tremendous result. 

Apply Black & White

#13. Apply Image Post-Production: Although many consider image post-production “Cheating,” every professional photographer has applied it to make the photos flawless since photography’s invention. For example, 99% of pictures you see in National Geographic or travel magazines are edited. Therefore, Post-processing is an integral part of Travellers Photography. You do it yourself or assign professionals to provide such services.

Best Places for Travellers Photography

“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.” — Dalai Lama.

Travelling is fascinating, and Travellers Photography is memorable. Every travel destination is unique in appearance, culture, history, landscape, etc. In this part of the blog, I will share the best places for travellers photography. Here are those: 

  • USA: The United States is the source of unlimited Travellers Photography. It has 60 stunning national parks in different cities, and each state is a unique travel destination. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Monuments Valley, and even Bryce Canyon are all beautiful places for Travellers Photography. You can travel to Alaska or Hawaii and implement Beach Photoshoot Ideas to wow people. In your Travelers Photography in the USA, you can capture cowboys in Texas, the glamor of Los Angeles, and the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  • New Zealand: Incredible scenery can make New Zealand the most hardened traveller stop. You can photograph the Milford Sound of the South Island, which attracts people worldwide. Famous Poet and Author Rudyard Kipling non-officially called it the eighth wonder of the world during his travels in 1891. That Wanaka Tree, Mount Cook, and Tongariro National Park offer the most stunning scenes for Travellers Photography.
  • Thailand: Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles, offers the most impressive Travellers Photography prospects. Heading up to the rooftop, you can capture the vibrancy of Bangkok street or the beauty of the cityscape. The great paradise islands with luxury resorts to the south and the Longtail boats anchored on the beach will offer an iconic view for Travellers Photography. You can include history in your Travellers Photography by capturing historical towns of the North like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Moreover, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai contain temples to capture amazing photos. You can snap local hill tribes with landscapes, forests, and waterfalls. On top of all this, the Traditional floating market offers you colorful markets and unique foods to capture.
  • France: France is one of the most tossed-aside Travellers Photography destinations with unique, charming, and elegant locations. You can capture the beauty of lavender fields, Lyon and Marseille’s elegance, and Monte Carlo’s glamor. The Loire and Rhone Valley are excellent sources for fantastic photography. Remember to include the notable monuments, archetypical streets, and romantic areas of Paris in your Travellers Photography.
  • Italy: You can consider Italy as the outdoor studio because the countryside in Tuscany and the historic cities of Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, and Pisa will fascinate you for Travellers Photography. Moreover, the Venice carnival will offer you willing models for your Travellers Photography. Italian food is another element you must include in your photography.
  • England: England is a complete Travellers Photography destination with everything from artifacts to foodstuffs. It is also a rich tapestry of culture, ethnicity, and diversity. The Big Ben monuments, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge are the best places you can capture in your travels. Unlike the historic cities of Oxford and Cambridge, you can find the most fantastic coastlines in Cornwall and Devon. You can illustrate England’s ancient past by photographing the historic castles.
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh offers authentic life to travelers who desire a perfect image. You can capture the beauty of the tea garden at Srimangal, the areas of rural paradise, Chittagong Hill Tracts, the banks of Kaptai Lake, the golden sands of Cox’s Bazar, the Royal Bengal tigers of Sundarbans, the stunning town of Bandaran or fascinating Buddhist archeological site Somapura Mahavihara at Paharpur.
  • India: India offers a diversity of cultures with colorful festivals to include in Travellers Photography. Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple, Ellora Caves, Amber Fort, Qutub Minar, the coastline of Goa, etc., can be outstanding treasuries for your Travellers Photography. You can also include delicious food and myriad festivals in your Travellers Photography.
  • UAE: United Arab Emirates is well known for humanity’s architectural magnificence, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the lamps. You can capture the stunning view of towers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Historic forts and small desert towns will come with an opposite view of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for stunning Travellers Photography.
  • Iceland: Do you love waterfalls? Then Iceland is the most charming destination for your Travellers Photography. The country has fantastic landscapes like volcanos, geysers, black beaches, fjords, etc. During the night, you can capture the stunning stars spread out across the sky. You can also experience the tremendous Northern Lights in September-March.

Travellers Photography Ideas

Travellers Photography is doing photography while traveling. It covers different photography types, capturing landscapes, architecture, history, traditions, food, street, adventure, etc. Here are some creative and unique Travellers Photography ideas for you: 

  1. Capture Golden and Blue Hours: Light is everything for beautiful photography on golden and blue hours. Before sunset and after the sunrise period is called the golden hour when the light is soft and warm. Blue hour is the after-sunset period when the sky emits blue shades and the city lights are on. It provides unique lighting for photography. So, take advantage of the mentioned hours to include in your Travellers photography.
  2. Include Tourists in Your Picture: Is the tourist crowd troubling you? Think positively and include them in your photography diary. Try to capture them in natural postures.
  3. Capture Local People: Travellers Photography is incomplete without capturing the local people you meet. Try to snap them into lifestyle, tradition, culture, fashion, culinary etc. You can also take a selfie with them while buying something from them or photograph them doing any enjoyable activity.
  4. Think Out of Box: Photography is a creative artwork. There’s nothing wrong with typical practices, but thinking out of the box differentiates you from others. So, while doing Travellers Photography apply unique angles, compositions, and lighting to get fantastic shots. Handful ideas for such images are:

    • Focus from ground
    • Focus from above, like a mountain or roof. 
    • Do a drone view capture
    • Shoot overhead by climbing a few stairs. 
    • Capture the dusk moment with beautiful light and colors
    • Capture abstract photos
  5. “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” ― David Alan Harvey.

    Capture the city: Because of incredible scenes and lighting, cities are an excellent composition for Travellers Photography. Cover the astonishing view of the city in your photo, capturing it from a rooftop or hilltop. How will you find the rooftop or hilltop? You have to research the location before photography.

  6. Capture the Night View of city: The night with lighting street, buildings, and windows present a stunning view you can include in your Travellers Photography. You can also focus on lamp posts or car headlights contrasting the night darkness to make your images stand out.
  7. Capture a Panorama: Panorama is a superb idea to capture the wide scenes of a landscape beyond the standard horizontal image size. So, why don’t you include it in your Travellers Photography? It is easy to capture and doesn’t need any expensive gear. Just turn on your phone’s “Panorama” mode and rotate the surroundings to create a stunning result.
  8. Take Selfies: Include yourself in your Travellers Photography diary by taking selfies. No need to worry about others thinking of you. Be yourself to capture photos and return home with great travel memories.
  9. Rain is ok to capture: Unexpectedly, if there is rain, don’t curse yourself; instead, take advantage of rainy weather to shoot some great pictures using Rain Photography Ideas. You can capture the close view of raindrops on leaves or flowers and people in the street with colorful umbrellas or raincoats.
  10. Capture Little things: Along with capturing famous landmarks, include capturing little things you see during travel. Sometimes these little things make Travellers Photography memorable. You can shoot street food stalls, local markets of fancy items, and attractive colorful homes. Don’t omit to capture the silly moments too.
  11. Shoot Telephoto: While capturing Travellers Photography, shoot a telephoto of small details. For example, if you travel to a location with historical architecture, take the chance of capturing a zoom photo of the sculpture’s complex carvings. 18-200mm or 28-300mm lens can create a great telephoto.
  12. Illustrate Real Story: While travelling to a tourist spot, you will find people dressed in traditional clothes serving you. Interacting with your subject, you can capture their pictures to depict their story.

  13. Show the Culture With Cuisine: Travelling offers an opportunity to tempt your taste buds with the world’s delicious cuisine and culture experience. For example, if you taste Japanese cuisine, you will find their culture of simplicity in the food ingredients. Costa Rica’s philosophy is “Pura Vida,” meaning “pure life ” that you will find in their fish, fruit, chicken, or other foods. So, try to show the culture with cuisine in your Travellers Photography.

Importance of Travellers Photography

Travelling is one kind of investment in yourself. There is a famous quote on travel, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Traveler photography is a fantastic way to share your traveling story and remember it in the future.

* Portray the World:

Travellers Photography not only helps create memory but also illustrates the world to the people who don’t have the opportunity to travel. 

* Illustrate World Culture:

Travellers Photography proves the world has stunningly myriad amazements in people’s lives. It allows you to illustrate the culture of different locations or countries. 

* Inspire Other Travelling:

Last month, I found my grandmother’s traveling diary containing Travellers Photography. I saw how the world was then, inspiring me to start Travellers Photography to showcase the current world to the next generation. So, Travellers Photography is essential to inspire others to travel. 

* Convert Passion Into Profession:

When you capture amazing Travellers photographs and upload them on social media or show them to others, others will admire you. Such admiration will bring a reputation for you that will help you convert your passion into a profession. 

* Way to Earn:

Making bread and butter out of passion is excellent. You can sell your Travellers Photographs online and offline. You can sell them on stock image libraries or any websites. You also can sell them as photography books, postcards, or printed photos. So, Travellers Photography can be a way of earning for you. However, you must use top-notch images to sell your work. You must know how long it takes photographers to edit photos. Take your time to do it or outsource to improve quality.

* Be a Rising Star:

Travellers Photography can help you become a rising star. How? You can use your photos as a portfolio on your travel website. You also can upload blogs on travel using your Travellers Photography. Then share them on social media to reach the audience that will help you be a rising star.   

* Create Lifetime Memories:

Travellers Photography is a time machine to travel your memory. Last week when I toured China, I tried to eat with a chopstick for the first time, and the experience was hilarious. I have saved the moment in my Travellers Photography that has become a part of my lifetime memories. 

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”- Saint Augustine.

Last Words

I have discussed all the possible details regarding Travellers Photography in this blog. I hope you got sufficient information with considerable Travellers Photography tips and ideas. Take inspiration and set for Travellers Photography. Lucky break on your photographic travel. 

Feel free to ask questions or share ideas in the comment box. Check out my other blogs to get more inspiration:

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