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Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

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Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

With technological development, the AI-Art generator has become very popular among novice artists and a threat to professional artists. There are many debates that the Artificial Intelligence Art Generator is threatening the creative art world, and one day, it will replace the human artist. Can it really replace the human artist? The answer is a ‘straight no.’ It can’t replace the artist’s job but help to improve the outcome. Therefore, the artist should use it ethically as a toolbox. 

“Technology should become part of the artist’s toolbox.”- Professor Vince Briffa

Though AI art can generate incredible artwork and ongoing use is growing, there is still a much disparity between AI art and human artist art. Here are the Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

  • Lacks Emotions: Art results from imagination, where emotion fuels and skill sweetens the work. Human artists invest time and effort to express their inner world on canvas or sculpture, which the AI art tool fails to do because commands, not emotion, compel it.
  • Deficit Originality: Originality is a core attribute of real impressionistic art. Creating an AI-Art lacks originality since it analyzes previous data and often combines them to illustrate the requested prompt in artistic form. 
  • Twists Copyright: According to the U.S. Copyright Office viewpoint, non-human-made work has no copyright, and AI Artwork is included in this perspective. Such a tool generates a new piece imitating existing artists’ work. Therefore, the AI-art tool-generated artwork is not protected under copyright. 
  • Lacks Human Touch: The artist includes human touch with emotion while creating traditional artwork. But this may fail when using AI to create art.
  • Threat to Creativity: Technological development has made us too reliant on technology that we are about to lose skill and knowledge. Art World has also become prominent with technology, and AI-art tools come into play here. AI tools completely work on technology-based. If the artist fully depends on AI tools, they might lose the ability to create designs by hand, negatively impacting the future art world.

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Conclusion ( Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence Art Generator )

While artificial intelligence (AI) art generators have made significant strides in the world of creative expression and digital art, they are not without their limitations. These limitations serve as a reminder of the challenges that persist in the field of AI-driven artistic creation.

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