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How To Make An Image Grayscale In Illustrator

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How To Make An Image Grayscale In Illustrator

Grey color is between white and black, which symbolizes neutrality and balance in color psychology. As a part of photo editing, you may have to remove the background utilizing the clipping path service. After that, you may need to convert an image to gray color for different purposes like printing or others. It is effortless solid work that you can do comfortably using Adobe Illustrator. 

Reading this article you will get a brief overview of the below: 

  • Grey color psychology
  • How To Make An Image Grayscale In Illustrator
  • How to add color in greyscale mode photo in Adobe Illustrator?
  • When to Apply Image Grayscale in Illustrator
  • Difference between Grey and black & White
  • Why are gray-level pictures the most favored?
  • Benefits of using Grayscale in Illustrator
  • Source to Access Grayscale in Illustrato

Grey Color Psychology

Do you believe that color psychology can help to build a strong brand?

If the response is NO, let’s clear the fact. Color psychology is the research of colors concerning human behavior that aims to discover whereby color influences our daily decisions. 

It is essential for marketing a product since color summons emotion. Therefore, marketers can strategically use color to get the audience to see what marketers want. For instance, Apple stands as a brand that utilizes grey against the white color in its branding.

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How To Make An Image Grayscale In Illustrator

Grayscale is a color that includes only shades of gray. It stocks an 8-bit integer delivering 256 possible shades of gray from black to white. If you are not a designer but looking for a way to gray your image, here are some ways for you. In addition, we will share easy steps for you to convert an image into grey. 

Grayscale In Illustrator CS5

  1. Select the image that you want to convert to a gray color and open it in illustrator
  2. Clicking on the image, check on the left top corner of the bar, select the Edit option, choose Edit Colors, and select Convert to Grayscale.
  3. Check the result, and the photo is converted to a gray color. Isn’t it a straightforward process?

Illustrator CS3 To Grayscale

If you want to change only a few objects in the photo, the below steps are what you need- 

  1. Pick the object or groups that you want to change
  2. From the “Edit” options, choose Edit Colors > Convert to Grayscale

 The above process will remove all the color information from the changed object. However, if you undo it immediately, you can recover the color.

You will get a ‘gradients and patterns will not be converted’ pop-up message when you convert grayscale for a logo since the auto-convert option doesn’t work on gradients. That time, you have to adjust it manually to create many objects as below- 

  • Choose all the gradient objects. 
  • From the Menu bar, click Object>Expand>OK. 

You have converted your gradient into multiple objects following the above, and now you can apply grayscale. It would be best to preserve a duplicate of the original file before you start to expand it.

Color Balance Adjustment:

  1. Select the image
  2. Select Edit>Edit Colors>Adjust Color Balance
  3.  Select Grayscale from Color Mode 
  4. Check preview>Ok


  1. Open the Print swatches
  2. Select Swatch Libraries>Default Swatches>Print
  3. Drag the grayscales to the Swatch panel
  4. Open and select the object in the image to be converted
  5. Then click Edit>Edit Colors>Recolor Artwork
  6. From the Live Color dialog box, click the Grayscale 


  1.  Select the image. 
  2. Select Edit > Edit Colors > Saturate
  3. Roll the intensity slider to the left and check the preview

How to add color in a greyscale mode photo in Adobe Illustrator?

  1. Locate the Color panel in Illustrator.
  2. If you can’t get this, go to Window > Color or simply press F6.
  3. Select the Color panel and click on the three lines in the red circle.
  4. There you can see that the mode is marked as Greyscale
  5. Change the mood to RGB 
  6. Finally, you changed, great!

When to Apply Image Grayscale in Illustrator

For a photographer, photo editing is essential to make a stunning photo. So, they utilize the cut-out service to separate necessary objects from an image. Besides, as a photo editing process, they apply background removal service and add all objects in a new background. Then, based on the requirement, they feel the necessity or get the instruction from the client to convert a whole image or specific portion, of an object to a grey color using grayscale. 

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Difference between Grey and black & White

Odilon Redon, a French symbolist painter, described grey as “The fundamental grey which differentiates the masters expresses them and is the soul of all color.”

You may need to convert a color picture to grey for various purposes. When converting, you may think that grey is like black and white. But the actual scenario is different as grey is more technical and accurate than black and white. 

If you google ‘old film box,’ you will find that there is only a film option since there was no color option in the beginning when color shad was not invented. Black and white color images include black and white. Whereas, grey color contains variations of gray, ranging from black to white.

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Why are gray-level pictures the most favored?

Because of the dummy reason, most people prefer the grey color format picture since color increases the complexity of the model. Grayscale images use a single color channel. 

Another reason is, industrial image processing is allotted with forms where machines are the primary concern. For instance, object detection would hardly demand information at the boundaries of an image, which we can obtain in grayscale photos. Besides, facial recognition algorithms rely on grayscale images.

Benefits of using Grayscale in Illustrator

Artists are always a fan of grayscale since it allows the feel of being master. Here are some benefits of what all painters love grayscale in illustrator. 

  • Solutions for shadowing: The most challenging part of shadowing is selecting a color best suited to the complicated shading where grey comes as the solution.
  • Adds reality: Adding grey color in the image with the original color, coloring the edges as grey, gives the image a natural look.
  • Improves painting technique: Practice makes a man perfect. If you are confused with the paint, the brush tool of photoshop, start with grayscale in digital art. It will help you to develop your painting techniques. Start painting with grayscale and then proceed to pick other colors. 

Source to Access Grayscale in Illustrator

Convert your memory into romantic and aesthetic through Grayscale. It is one of the most famous means of editing photographs. You can change the color of your photos into grayscale using various online platforms. But you won’t get any security for your data and image there. 

Numerous photo editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Luminous, etc., are available in the market. But, unfortunately, those are not a piece of cake for all except professional editors like DesignsSpy.

You can enjoy Grayscale service for your image with other editing-related services from DesignSpy, where all the experts are ready to aid you. Moreover, you can avail of the service at an affordable cost. Besides, you will get data security for your images.



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