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Plain Background Colors

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Plain Background Colors

Do you love photography? If yes, do you know that a successful Product Photography depends on specific facts, and one of the essential facts is the background? As a professional photographer, you must pay the same attention to the background you give to the main subject because a background can make the subject stunning or pale. While focusing on the background, you should also take care of the background color. 

This blog will cover the Plain Background Colors in photography that you should know to create a great memory or appealing product photo for your business. Let’s keep reading the piece and apply the knowledge in action.

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What Do Plain Background Colors Mean?

Plain background color means the single color photo background contains no design, pattern, or distracting objects. 

A subject stands out in Plain Background Colors, making it attractive. For an E-commerce business, Plain Background Colors play a significant role in displaying the product. Any pattern or design in the background might distract the viewers from checking the product. Therefore, to maintain a plain background for product display, avoid patterns and destructive things behind the main subject.

Why Plain Background Colors?

A photo background is an essential photograph element that highlights the subject and improves the photo appearance. Though the background stays behind the main subject in the photograph, it’s a part of the overall portrait. 

Corporate clients prefer the Plain Background Colors for their marketplace because a patterned or designed background might cause losing the view creating a messy appearance. A plain background colored photo focuses on the main subject, instantly drawing the customer’s attention. 

Hence, recent marketers have followed the trend of minimizing the background to enhance the subject. The plain Background color is the output of such a trend. Whether white or black, a plain background color is a standard for displaying products online. Therefore, the online marketers apply the Color Correction service to ensure a plain background color.

How to make Plain Background Colors Online

We live in a technologically advanced world where you can apply modern technology to improve your photography. Yes, I am talking about software and online platforms using which you can easily change the photo appearance instantly. 

Even if you don’t have a proper environment or no time to arrange a plain color background, there is still a solution for you. You can try to do it online if you don’t know about Photoshop. Let’s see how you can do it:  

  • You need to use any online background removal tool like the ‘PhotoScissors online tool’ to do it. 
  • Open the tool and upload your photo. 
  • The background will be robotically subtracted.
  • The left portion of the display reveals the original photo, while the right portion shows the result. So, you can correct the auto-generated result using the green marker and eraser tools.
  • You will get a transparent background to the picture that you can change according to your preferred Plain Background Colors by default. 
  • To change the background color, go to the right-side panel and change the mode to ‘Solid Color’ under the Background option. 
  • Then, pick a preferred color. 
  • Save the photo by downloading it. 

How to make Plain Background Colors in Photoshop

Photoshop is fantastic software and is like a magic lamp for photo editors because it offers numerous features to make a faulty photo flawless. We can use Photoshop in many ways to make plain background colors with a few primary selections and Clipping Path Masking options. Let’s know those procedures and apply them in practice: 

Method-1: Using Selection Tool

  • Upload the photo and move to the image layer. 
  • Go to the Properties panel and pick the ‘Select Subject’ option under the Quick Action bar. It will automatically select the subject.  
  • If you don’t get a fine selection, you can do it manually using the pen tool. However, the quick selection tool works best for the clear edged subject. Apply the object selection tool to cut out images from a busy background. 
  • Now, go to the Layer option at the top of the bar, select New Fill Layer and pick the solid color option. 
  • From the color swatch pick, any color you want to apply as background and the background will be automatically filled with the selected color. 
  • To make a realistic background, change the blending mode into Multiply from Normal. 
  • Finally, the background was replaced with Plain Background Color and save it to use. 

Method-2:  Hue Adjustments

  • Upload and outline the subject as you did in the previous method. 
  • Now, go to the Adjustment panel to select Hue Saturation Adjustment. You can get it from the base part too. 
  • Invert the layer mask to avoid any change in the subject. To do it, click on the layer mask and hold Command + I for Mac or Control + I for PC. 
  • Go to the Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer and check mark the ‘colorize’ option to apply a single shade in the background. 
  • You can adjust the color by dragging the Hue slider from left to right. 
  • Move the saturation and lightness slider left to right to adjust the color vibrancy. 
  • After getting an excellent color, save the photo.

Psychological Impact Of Plain Background Colors On Customers

The plain background highlights the subject and influences customers to make the buying decision. Previous experience, existing culture etc., are the cause of color effect in human life, including the purchasing behavior. 

As a photographer, do you believe that Plain Background Colors psychologically impact the customers? In this part of the blog, I will share how Plain Background Colors can affect a customer’s mind. 

Warm Colors: Warm colors are deep colors. Red, orange and yellow are considered warm colors. Red relates to love, danger, excitement and power. Online consumers prefer such color plain background photos related to the emotion. The orange color uplifts the advertisement’s vibe since it is believed as a happy color and generates an energetic feeling. Yellow relates to the sunshine and represents hope.  

Cool Colors: Cool colors are less vibrant and soothing to the eyes. Blue, green and purple colors are cool colors as Plain Background Colors. Maximum people in the world like blue color since it symbolizes calmness and tranquility, giving the vibe of stability. Green indicates nature, growth and fortune. Green adds a stimulating background mood. Purple is full of wisdom, and using it as Plain Background Color makes the view soothing. 

Neutral Colors: Some colors couldn’t be categorized as warm or cool. That’s why those are called neutral colors. Black, white and Gray are examples of neutral colors. The black color background is considered luxurious and fanciness, while the white color background is full of concentration that creates a significant effect on the subject of the photo. Another neutral color, Gray, is used as background to create a sophisticated impression with a modern style. 

Customers’ buying decisions and the Plain Background Colors are interrelated since the color illustrates the vibe. Color psychology undoubtedly indicates that color has the most influential impact on consumers’ buying decisions.

Overall, we can say that we need to provide equal concentration on the subject and background to ensure a professional-looking photo that boosts revenue by increasing sales. The most effective background is Plain Background Colors. So, after capturing, apply the image post-production service and contact Cut Out Image to get the best professional service.

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