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Way to Earn Money Through AI-Generated Art

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Way to Earn Money Through AI-Generated Art

Can You Earn Through AI-Generated Art?

If you explore the internet, you will find numerous AI-generated art of persons or a landscape mixture of different images that don’t exist in reality. Such photos have no existence but look aesthetic. Moreover, many exhibitions and art fairs exhibit AI-generated art. It indicates that AI art is gaining popularity.

Can you sell such aesthetic AI-generated art images to earn money? The answer is ‘Yes.’ The AI art market is new and growing steadily, where some art pieces are sold like any other artwork. The AI art market will be worth billions of dollars within a few years since AI-Art is gaining popularity. You can also sell your AI-generated art there. 

Some might wonder if there is any legitimacy for this sale. Usually, there is no legal barrier to selling AI-generated artwork since they are copyright-free in the United States. But while selling the AI art, users should remember about the  Artificial Intelligence Art Generator since all generators don’t allow for the sale or commercial use of the image they generate. 

DALL-E, Dream by WOMBO, NightCafe, and MidJourney are popular AI art generators allowing the sale and commercial use of AI images. They clearly state on their website that the users own all artworks they create. NightCafe allows using images commercially if the users don’t use copyrighted material in image creation. Midjourney allows its paid members to use their design commercially. However, users should check the service term before jumping to sell. 

Users own the AI art to sell since they input creativity while generating the picture. They should consider the artificial intelligence picture generator as a tool, like a camera for photographers. However, users will be accused of violating copyright law if they resell or copy another artist’s AI-generated artist.

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Way to Earn Money Through AI-Generated Art

Nowadays, many AI art exhibitions are taking place where worldwide AI art creators, collectors and enthusiasts are emerging. Such a platform allows the artists to showcase their work and the collector to store the aesthetic. Here are the most popular AI art style that you can showcase and earn online- 

  • Realism: The realism style illustrates the subject without glorification and boasting, just like how they emerge in real life. 
  • Expressionism: Expressionism illustrates the subject’s emotional expression using bold colors and shapeless forms.
  • Cubism: In this style, the artist uses geometric shapes to define the subject from multiple viewpoints.
  • Abstract Art: As the name suggests, this style is portrayed using color, line, and form to create an abstract mood picture. 
  • Pop Art: This style uses popular culture and everyday objects as subject matter, often using bright colors and bold graphic design.

Now let you show how to earn money with Artificial Intelligence Art Generator –  

Create an AI-Art Account: The first step to earning money selling AI-generated Art is to open an account with an AI tool to create Artwork. I have already discussed free and paid artificial intelligence art generators for website, mobile and desktop use. Re-read the section and decide which tool to use.  

Upload Artwork: Next step is to create a portfolio on any website or platform for artists’ groups like Shutterstock, ArtStation or DeviantArt to upload your artwork. These platforms add a window to visualize your work to the viewer. You can also upload your work on free image platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay, Freepik, etc., allowing you to earn money. Shutterstock will be a good option for an average of $0.02 per image per month.

Enrich Your Profile: Upload your artwork and enrich your profile by creating different artwork, like images, designs, website backgrounds, etc., influencing people to buy. However, before uploading, you should check the stock image website’s content policy because some websites, like Getty Images, ban AI art. 

Sell Your Prompts: You can earn by selling AI art on websites. You can also sell your skill of creating AI Art with copyright in PromptBase, a marketplace selling specific prompts taking a 20% commission. The rest the seller assumes as income. You can sell your prompts in customizable form so that the customer can include or exclude keywords in the prompts.    

Offer Print On Demand: Print-on-demand products can be a lucrative way to make money. You can earn an average of $2-$10 per sale through TeeSpring and RedBubble. They will print your AI art on different products like mugs, t-shirts, notebooks etc.  

The AI art-selling market is mature enough for you to earn with AI art. In the near future, the market will be overflowed with high-quality images. People might pay less that time since many more competitive AI art generators will be hitting the market.


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