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Solid Background Colors

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Solid Background Colors

Do you want to make your portrait aesthetic? If you’re going to capture an aesthetic picture, keep the background simple and use a solid color background. Do you know what Solid Background Colors are? 

Keep reading the blog to learn about Solid Background Colors and apply them to your photography. Don’t forget to implement Raster to Vector Conversion Service if you want to print the picture for a larger frame.

What are Solid Background Colors?

Solid Background Colors refers to the background containing the identical color all over. There are numerous versions of solid colors available with a range of light, dark and combined colors.  

For any photography, especially product photography, Solid background colors are a great choice to ensure a clean background for enhancing a product. It adds life and excitement to the product. It has been ascertained that solid colors appeal to human eyesight because of being bold and attractive.

Solid Background Colors

Variation of Solid Background Colors

Solid Background Colors are so squeaky-clean and attractive that it easily captures customers’ attention and helps to build a reliable brand. You can add Solid Background Colors after the Background Removing from Image to get a stunning background. You can include any single color that can be dark, light or mixed of dark and light since solid color has a wide range of collections. 

  • Light: White is one of the light solid colors universally recognized as an aesthetic background since it perfectly emphasizes a product in detail. It resembles cheerfulness.
  • Dark: Dark Solid Background Colors qualify for grade consistency and make a great luxury show. Keeping that in mind, luxury products like jewelry, watches, or electronics items are often captured on Solid Background Colors.
  • Mixed color: Nowadays, E-commerce business holders are not depending only on white or black color backgrounds for product photography. They are now applying dynamic colors mixing with dark and light to enhance their products.

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Neutral Vs. Solid Background Colors For Product Photography

Can you ignore the importance of product photography? If you do online business, you must reach the customer with your product photo. Checking the stunning photo, they will show interest in making a buying decision. 

Product photo is the sales agent and linking you with the potential customer. Therefore you must concentrate on product photography. Now the question is, which background color will you prefer? Neutral or solid background color? 

Before you decide about the background, you should consider the product and its suitable atmosphere to present. For example, if you want to present a product related to heart and love, you can use the solid background color red. On the other hand, to create a peaceful, eye-soothing environment, you can pick a neutral color background. In addition, you can apply the blue color background if you want to present some products related to a cheerful and casual mood. In a nutshell, the color that you will pick mostly depends on how you are going to present the product and what is the purpose of using the product. 

You also can blend various colors for your product photography background. In addition, various Online market platforms mandate distinct background colors. So, consider the platform where you will present your product and pick an appropriate background color. To get the best output with little investment, you can Buy Color Correction services from photo editing service providers like Design Spy

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How To Pick Solid Background Colors For Product Photography?

The photo background is an inseparable part of a photo that plays a significant role in focusing on the main subject. For e-commerce products, it impacts customers to provide attention to detail. 

Different Solid Background Colors might influence online buyers differently depending on the product. So let’s know how to pick solid color backgrounds for your product photography: 

#1. On Grounds Of Brand:

A consistent stunning photo builds up the brand, and your product represents the brand. So, pick the Solid Background Color that complements your brand during photography. 

#02. On Grounds Of Marketplace:

Think about the guidelines mandates for the background to upload product photos in the online shop by the various marketplace because various marketplace prefers various colors, especially the solid white color. 

#03. Image post-production:

There is an option to get an appropriate background for your product where you don’t need to capture photos multiple times to check out the best. I am talking about image post-production, where you can edit the background and get an appropriate one. Then, you can contact Design Spy to take the best service at an affordable cost.. 

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How To Adjust Solid Background Colors

Nothing can beat a clean and eye-soothing background that highlights a product amazingly. This part of the blog will show you how to modify the background with a solid color. 

Using Photoshop:

  • Open the photo in Photoshop and duplicate the layer. 
  • Now outline the subject using the Quick Selection tool from the left sidebar. It will show marching ants around the selection. 
  • Push the Q key on the keyboard to apply Quick Mask Mode, which will refine the selection by applying red color on the unselected part.
  • Use the Brush (shortcut pressing B) from the tool option to edit the mask and the area you want to select.
  • Repeat pressing the Q key to recovering the marching ants, giving a more precise selection. 
  • Now Go to the Layer tab from the top of the panel and select the solid color under New Fill Layer. 
  • From the pop-up color swatch, pick a color to set as background and click OK. You can alter it afterward if it doesn’t look good. 
  • Click on the layer mask to apply the color only on the background.
  • To make the color more realistic, change the Blending mode to Multiply. 
  • Now save the file to use where you need it.

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Using Adobe Express:

  • Upload the photo you want to change the background with a solid color. 
  • Using the Remove Background option, isolate the subject from the photo. 
  • Select canvas and customize the color choice to change the background color. 
  • Alternatively, you can change the shape of the subject
  • Apply any preferable color to the background
  • Download the photo to save. 

Photo background color correction is not tough to execute, but a professional result cries out for professional touch. So, you should take the photo editing service from professionals like Cut Out Image to ensure a great online presence. Don’t neglect the background since it can contribute to generating revenue by increasing sales. 

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