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Simple One Line Face Drawing

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Simple One Line Face Drawing

Did you ever try to draw a face with one line? How do you do it? Well, it’s a simple process to sketch on White Background Aesthetic paper, but it needs a little technique. You also can turn your regular photo into a Simple One Line Face Drawing– Step By Step using photoshop. 

Do you want to jump through hoops for Simple One Line Face Drawing- Step By Step? 

You have to invest only a few minutes reading the blog to get the idea and action to make it happen. So, let’s start the journey of Simple Line Face Drawing.

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ABC of Simple One-Line Face Drawing

The line is the foundation of any drawing, and it doesn’t matter whether it is straight or curvy. One line drawing glorifies its place, exemplifying its superiority in today’s world. According to the name, one-line face drawing means sketching a face using a single line. Therefore, it is also named Single line drawing. Many famous artists use this drawing style to portray complex things.

It is a simple, ground-breaking art and full of fun that requires tactics. It is a continuous drawing process with a single unbroken line to create a meaningful picture containing a face. 

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Simple One Line Face Drawing Process

Simple One Line Face Drawing is an innovative procedure that requires much practice. Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter, made it famous. Moreover, it is a preparatory segment of graphic art. You can also apply the technique in digital art using Adobe Photoshop software or other app filters instead of wasting paper and ink. In this case, remember that practice makes a man perfect. So, read the process and keep practicing to draw flawlessly. 

Use of Adobe Photoshop: 

  • Open Photoshop on your device.
  • Create a fresh layer with white Background. If you use a white background, you don’t have to Remove Background from the Image after sketching.  
  • From the toolbar, select the shape tool, where you will get several shaping tool options. 
  • Next, select the Line tool from the options that appear. 
  • Peek over the options bar and determine the line’s width by fixing Stroke size and Weight. 
  • Make sure you set the Align Center or Outside for the Stroke option. 
  • Now, draw on the canvas by dragging and releasing the line. 
  • Once you draw a face, save the picture in the format you want. 

Use of One Line Art Drawing Face Filter: 

One-Line Face Filter is a modern mint filter to sketch your face with only a single line outlining artistically. Applying One Line Art Drawing filters on your smartphone is like shooting fish in a barrel. Let’s know the process step by step: 

  • Thump on the preferred One Line Face filter link.
  • Now, instantly capture a photo with your phone camera utilizing the filter. 
  • You can also use that filter on your gallery’s Image for another option.
  • Save the Image and share it where you want. 

Artists of Simple One-Line Face Drawing

In the early 20th century, Pablo Picasso made the Simple One Line Face Drawing. Over the centuries, many great artists have practiced Simple Line Face Drawing with their line art styles with simple, complex, smooth, rough lines. Moreover, they did it in black and white, and few used solid colors to fill. So let’s know some of the Simple One Line Face Drawing artists

  • DFT is one of the most famous line artists with prominent brands like Adidas, Nike, Nissan, and Adobe. They maintain the tiniest and most precise technique where the start line does not adjoin with the end. 
  • Katie Acheson Wolford is another single-line face drawing artist who follows a complex and organic style. 
  • Flowsofly uses diverse manners in the simple one-line face drawing, like rough to smooth lines and simple to complex. 
  • Ken is a line face drawing artist who runs a design studio, Notion, based in New Zealand. He draws faces in a minimal and smooth style, and the line is precise to reiterate for the viewer. 
  • Subhankar, an Indian artist, follows a similar manner to Flowsofly to draw one line face with an erotic theme.
  • Mira Lou was the first Simple Line Face Drawing artist who applied color in her artwork, whereas others kept the work black and white. 
  • Mony follows diverse patterns, simple to complex to the free hand single line faces.

Use of Simple Line Face Drawing

Simple one-line face drawing refers to the artwork done using a single line where the start point can or can’t meet the ending point. Initially, this artwork was started on paper with ink by Pablo Picasso. However, you can do it using a Photoshop Clipping Path on your device in the modern world. 

The Simple One Line Face Drawing process breaks down a complex picture into a simple shape through a single line. Unpretentiously, it became a trend online. People widely use it online on social media. In the present world, teenage girls are catching on to Simple Line Face Drawing filters to upload their photos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.

Moreover, fashion houses, interior designers, and comic book publishers use the trendy Simple One Line Face Drawing to fascinate their clients. It is also used in business cards for branding purposes.

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Tips for Simple One Line Face Drawing

Only some people can generate a beautiful Simple Line Face Drawing on the first trial. It cries out for practice, patience and techniques. So, along with the procedure, you should follow some Simple One Line Face Drawing tips. Let’s know a few tips from proficient artists: 

  1. Swerve the Line’s Weight: Use digital brushes to draw different weight lines. For example, you can use medium lines as the main line, more comprehensive lines to emphasize, and thinner lines to add small details.
  2. Don’t Ponder: A Simple One Line Face Drawing is generally breakable and easy to understand. Rehearse devotion to the first line more willingly than drawing it repeatedly. 
  3. Keep Drawing: Maintain a personal portfolio to practice Simple Line Face Drawing regularly. Since you are using a single line in this drawing pattern, it’s more challenging than traditional artwork. So, keep practicing to be proficient. 
  4. Pivot the canvas while drawing: You need to spin the canvas to complete the drawing correctly since you are using a single line. That’s why it’s better to use a tablet to practice Simple Line Face Drawing. 
  5. Ensure good resolution: Keeping your line drawings shipshape and transparent is essential to give the correct message of the face drawing. For that, try to draw in high resolution. Moreover, you can resize or Image Cut Out to upload on a website or social media or print it for any purpose. 

So far in this blog, I have discussed every detail of Simple One Line Face Drawing, a drawing style of creating a face using a single intact line. However, creating an expressive face using a single line is tough, and it requires much passion, patience, and practice to make an attractive one. So, read the blog thoroughly and create your style drawing. 

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